Nashville Restaurants

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Burgers and Hot Dogs

Looking for a place to eat in Nashville? Of course you will find everything from the greasy spoons to meat and threes to fine dining at its best. How about a hamburger or hot dog to get you through to your next stop? If you are in the mood for a quick and tasty burger check out some of Nashville's burger joints.

Nashville Meat and 3s

Comfort food, soul food or home cooking, call it what you like but what you want is good food that hits the spot and these restaurants will provide the best traditional southern cooking. There is nothing fancy here just plates loaded up with meats and vegetables of your choice. Join us at one of Nashville's meat and threes.

Casual Nashville Dining

There is no need to settle for fast food when you can find good places to eat in Nashville at one of the many restaurants serving food in a casual style at good prices. Hands on owners are commonly seen greeting and meeting the needs of their customers. These restaurants serve fresh, local foods well prepared to satisfy any appetite.

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Upscale Dining in Nashville

Sprinkled throughout the Nashville area you will find many fine upscale dining opportunities. After a long day of visiting tourist attractions or a hard day's work these restaurants offer respite with a quality dining experience.

Nashville Area Restaurants

If you are traveling in and out of Nashville by car there are several places to eat known only to the locals that you may find interesting. Bar-B-Que shacks, hamburger joints and meats and 3s dot the landscape around Nashville tempting the traveler to stop, rest and eat.


Nashville Time

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