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Nashville Restaurants - Hamburgers and Hot Dogs

Bobbie's Dairy Dip

Here is the place to get a well prepared burger and shake. The burger will not be cooked until you order it so it will take a few minutes to get your food. The food is fresh and hot, the shakes are thick and flavorful, just the way it ought to be. And there is more, homemade chili, hot dogs and soft serve ice cream will tempt the hungry Nashville visitor. This really is a drive-up dairy dip so park the car, order, pick up your food at the next window and find a seat at the picnic tables around the building. Nearby are several second-hand shops, Richland Park, Richland Library and the LeQuire Art Gallery.

Bobbie's Dairy Dip

5301 Charlotte Avenue   Nashville, TN  37209



Brown's Diner

Brown's is a popular hamburger joint in Nashville and they also serve a meat and three for those in the mood for veggies. A small but comfortable bar provides a place to relax while enjoying a beer and a burger. Located just a couple of miles from downtown Nashville it is just off 21st avenue south on Blair Boulevard.

Brown's Diner

2102 Blair Boulevard   Nashville, TN  37212


Fat Mo's

The original Fat Mo's started here and continues to serve one of the best burgers anywhere. A lightly seasoned patty is cooked when you order and not before. You order, pay and pick-up at the same window unless they are busy and then someone will come out to the line of cars and take orders. Generous amounts of fries are served seasoned or plain - just salt that is. Come with an appetite, even a regular sized Fat Mo hamburger is a good sized meal at a very reasonable cost.

Fat Mo's

2620 Franklin Pike   Nashville, TN  37204


Hermitage Cafe

Call it a dive, call it a greasy spoon but call on the Hermitage Cafe for good food at a low cost. Just a few blocks from downtown Nashville your craving for a meat and three or burgers and fries can be satisfied. Choices of meats and vegetables change daily depending on the special. Open for breakfast and lunch only, they close at 1:30 in the afternoon.

Hermitage Cafe

71 Hermitage Avenue   Nashville, TN  37210


Hot Diggity Dogs

Yes you can get a Chicago style hot dog in Nashville. These all beef hot dogs are served with your favorite toppings, choose from chili, slaw, sauerkraut, baked beans or cheese. They also serve brats, sausages and even a veggie hot dog. Fries are served in a brown paper bag for those on the go. You will find Hot Diggity Dogs very close to downtown, just behind the historical Holy Trinity Episcopal Church just off Lafayette Street.

Hot Diggity Dogs

614 Ewing Avenue   Nashville, TN  37203


Hot Diggity Dogs

Hours: Monday - Friday 10:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m., Saturday 11:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Mason's Motel street sign, the location for Jenny's Restaurant in Nashville, Tennessee

Jenny's Restaurant at Mason's

Located north of Nashville on Dickerson Road, Jenny's is a long established meat and three. Look for Mason's Motel to find the diner. Jenny has been serving one of the best hamburgers in Nashville for 26 years, say “Hello” to her when you go. The daily special will include a selection of meats and vegetables and some site made desserts. After your meal enjoy the antique district of Goodlettsville just a couple of miles north on Dickerson Road.

Jenny's Restaurant

901 S.Dickerson Road   Goodlettsville, TN  37072


Rotier's Reastaurant

May serve the best hamburger in Nashville. It is certainly one of the favorites among the home folks. Rotier's has served the downtown area well for many years. It is a favorite place of songwriters, business people and the casual lunch crowd. Be sure to try the chocolate cake, plain or with ice cream. There is more than burgers here though, they have a full menu including the daily meat and three.

Rotier's Reastaurant

2413 Elliston Place   Nashville, TN  37203



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